PlastX-Researcher Tobias Haider will give a webinar for Teachers and Students at LizzyNet on alternative packaging companies and materials such as bioplastics. Tuesday, 19 May, 10 am.

The six-part webinar provides suggestions on the topic of climate protection using the example of packaging. Six interactive online teaching units are offered on the topics of recycling, renewable raw materials, reusable and unpackaged solutions. Each webinar module consists of an approximately 1-hour session with presentations, photos, short films, surveys and exercises. In addition, researchers and entrepreneurs will answer questions from participants in a livestream expert chat. The webinar parts are also moderated by students of teaching professions, among others. One of the aims of the webinar series is for students to develop ideas for environmentally and climate-friendly packaging and reusable systems.

LizzyNet is an information portal and community for girls and young women.

More information here.