Now that the newly formed PlastX research team is ready to take off, we are inviting partners from science and society to a first come-together for a kick-off workshop on the 20th of October.

Outstanding researchers of different disciplines as well as important societal, political and economic actors concerned with different aspects of plastic are rounded to work towards a more sustainable handling of it. Besides presenting our aims, we want to pave the way for fruitful transdisciplinary collaborations and collective problem solving from the early beginnings. Varied facets of plastic production, consumption and disposal regarding their social and ecological consequences will be discussed. The consequent inclusion of heterogeneous societal actors is a crucial part of our down-to-earth approach to plastics in the environment, as PlastX research is centered on real life problem analysis and solving.

We are already looking forward to this first of our four discussion rounds with our partners.

For more information and if you would like to engage in the project please contact us.