and Conference Proceedings

Völker, Carolin und Johanna Kramm (2016):
Plastics as a systemic risk of social-ecological supply systems.
European Conference on Plastics in Freshwater Environments, Berlin, 2–22 June 2016.

Kramm, Johanna (2016):
Plastic Matters.
Workshop: Non-representational thinking across German and Anglophone Geographies, Bayreuth, 9–10 June 2016.

Kramm, Johanna (2016):
Plasticscapes – Entgrenzung und Ereignishaftigkeit von Plastik.
Neue Kulturgeographie XIII, Integrative Geographien, Graz, 28–30 January 2016.

Kramm, Johanna und Heide Kerber (2015):
Shared water risk:ein neues fuzzy concept der internationalen Wasserpolitik?
Deutscher Kongress für Geographie, Berlin, 4 October 2015



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