What can be done to reduce plastic usage?

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Can we replace conventional plastics with sustainable materials?

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What are the effects of plastic waste in the environment?

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Marine Litter

How do we cope with plastic waste in the environment?

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18 April 2017

„A Plastic Ocean“ – Film screening and discussion

A Plastic Ocean is one of the latest documentaries on the plastic pollution in the environment.  PlastX in collaboration with the Orfeos Erben Cinema is screening the movie and discussing it afterwards. Join us on Thursday 4th of May, 8:15pm at Orfeos Erben Cinema in Frankfurt.

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13 April 2017

How Packaging Bridges Production and Consumption in Globalized Food Supply Systems – Social Dimension (4)

In the last two weeks I spoke about the spatial and temporal differentiation of modern food supply systems. Now I will turn to the social consequence of this differentiation. As different actors in the supply chain are separated in time and space direct interaction between them is increasingly impossible. In complex socio-technical arrangements of modern markets direct interpersonal interaction gets standardized and replaced by the handling of intermediating artefacts like packages.

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5 April 2017

How Packaging Bridges Production and Consumption in Globalized Food Supply Systems – Temporal Dimension (3)

In 21st century food markets, the differentiation of production and consumption practices is not only spatial but also temporal. Rising amount of production stages, involved actors and regional areas in food supply chains often increases the time taken for foodstuffs from farm to fork. However, the temporal expansion of food chains is not merely a quantitative one.  More significant for industrial food supply is the increasing need for flexibility of time and temporal coordination of practices.

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