What can be done to reduce plastic usage?

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Can we replace conventional plastics with sustainable materials?

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What are the effects of plastics on humans and the environment?

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Marine Litter

How do we cope with plastic waste in the environment?

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18 June 2020

Prevention of plastic waste by multi-actor partnerships

How do different actors need to work together to avoid plastic waste? What do unpackaged stores need to be successful? How well do bag stations work, where passers-by can borrow fabric bags? How can a company save transport packaging? PlastX contributed case studies  to a compilation of best practices regarding prevention of plastic waste of the PREVENT alliance.

You can find the study here

27 April 2020

Unpacked: Webinar on Lizzy Net

PlastX-Researcher Tobias Haider will give a webinar for Teachers and Students at LizzyNet on alternative packaging companies and materials such as bioplastics. Tuesday, 19 May, 10 am.

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24 April 2020

Plastic reduction as everyday endeavour

New blog post about the political potentials in the apparent privatization of responsibility for plastic reduction is online at Soziologieblog.

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