What can be done to reduce plastic usage?

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Can we replace conventional plastics with sustainable materials?

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What are the effects of plastic waste in the environment?

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Marine Litter

How do we cope with plastic waste in the environment?

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14 November 2018

Getting a blue glimpse of the Our Ocean Conference 2018

We had the chance to visit the Our Ocean Conference, which took place this year on October 29.

30. in Bali, Indonesia. The conference, set up by US-politician John Kerry in 2014, is a multi-stakeholder platform

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5 November 2018

“WWF interview with PlastX researcher Heide”

Within the scope of WWF’s hot topic “plastic flood”, the WWF interviewed our researcher Heide on her work on marine litter prevention in Vietnam. Heide talks about…
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24 October 2018

“Planet Plastic”

“Planet Plastic” is the title of the latest WWF magazine (04/2018). The magazine’s main focus is on marine plastic litter, …

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