What can be done to reduce plastic usage?

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Can we replace conventional plastics with sustainable materials?

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What are the effects of plastic waste in the environment?

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Marine Litter

How do we cope with plastic waste in the environment?

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17 April 2019

Lecture Series: Living in the Plastic Age

In the summersemester 2019 the lecture series Living in the Plastic Age. Perspectives from the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences will take place at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt.

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19 March 2019

How much packaging do we need?

Translation from the German version originally published in Knackpunkt, February 2019, Vol. 1 (27)

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18 March 2019

Germany: World champion in packaging? How can a conscious use of plastic be achieved throughout Germany?

Fruits roll loosely over the conveyor belt at the grocery checkout. Fresh bread lies in the cotton bag. A darkened milk bottle jingles against yoghurt glasses. Silke Bröhl gets astonished glances at her shopping regularly.

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